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Celebrating the Irish Bardic tradition, this concert includes ancient poetry and legends accompanied by harp as well as songs based on old stories and lore with lyrics by modern poets. Mystery, romance and blarney combine with music for a delightful program which includes not only sprightly dance tunes and haunting ballads, but also the legends, lore and engaging rapport with which the duo has always delighted audiences.

The Bardic tradition has always been strong in Celtic societies and the power of words and music held in great esteem. Ancient poetry, stories and songs are filled with mythology and symbolism, wit and satire. During the nineteenth century there was a great resurgence of interest in these themes. Poets such as Thomas Moore, William Butler Yeats, Padraic Colum and John Montague have written romantic, mysterious works based on old stories and lore, many of which have been set to music. This program features those songs as well as ancient folk tales supported with the music of the Celtic harp.

The Celtic lands have provided rich inspiration for many musicians, and Gosbee and Lane are no exception. Both have had an avid interest in collecting and performing this music for most of their lives. In particular, Julia Lane's dedication has won her three awards for her playing of the Celtic harp. Their performances feature poignant ballads sung in Lane's ethereal soprano and Gosbee's rich baritone supported with harp and guitar. Interspersed with songs are stories and joyous dance tunes played on fiddle and tin whistle. The duo will share lore and history associated with the music as well as their own experiences travelling in Ireland.

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The Harper's Song

O'Rourke's Feast

Golden Apples of the Sun

The Music Makers/Lark in the Morning



Quotes & Reviews


As you saw from the standing ovation this morning your program was well received. We must do this again. How far in advance do you schedule your Florida visits?

Thank you again,

Summerfield, FL

Dear Fred and Julia,

I have had so much feedback from your performance last Monday. People from all over the area from the Margarees to Pleasant Bay (north of Cheticamp) have called, interrupted my grocery shopping, sent emails, etc., to say what a beautiful evening they had and would I please let them know when you were coming back.

I¹m sure it became clear to you just how much these people keep their culture alive and are so appreciative of the Celtic stories, music, just everything that you gave them in your performance. Even my 7-year-old granddaughter went home to her Mom, raving about the Irish flute and the beautiful handmade harp "made by Fred, Mom!"

Best regards,

Belle Cote, Nova Scotia

Your Performance at Crandall on April 7th was everything I hoped it would be - delightful, entertaining and inspiring. It seemed to me you invited us into a world of music and poetry that was very special. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us.

Many people in the audience that night came up to me later to thank me for this program, but the thanks goes to you. Let us know when you are next playing in this area."

Katherine Chansky
Crandall Public Library
Glens Falls, NY




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